I’m like, totally watching you pee;)

Jun 22, 2017 KCJS 0 multimedia, NEW ITEMS

Made for the event center on the way to Boulder, this is one that never made it in it’s current form.  We had to change that line to something more PC, like ‘come on down to Freaky’s Head Shop in Denver Colorado!”.   Jamdown Online


Ah, the Freaky’s Joker, another Denver Head Shop staple!

Mar 4, 2016 KCJS 1 multimedia

Another of our “so old I can’t even remember where we got that!”.  Well, we remember you artist guy, you rock!  If you are looking for the authentic Denver head shop experience, look no further.  Also called a tobacco shop, or smoke shop, we have it all.  Serving the Metro […]


Freaky’s Bomb Girl Art, one of our oldest Head Shop Denver Art…

Mar 4, 2016 KCJS 0 multimedia

Freaky’s Bomb Girl Art, one of our oldest Head Shop Denver Artworks, drawn by a local hippie friend, back in the day:)  We have the original hanging in one of our stores, find it and let the manager know, get a blunt wrap!  This is still one of my favorites. […]


Freaky’s Skull Head Shop in Denver and Smoke Shop

Nov 18, 2015 KCJS 8 multimedia

Our Skull artwork, one of our Head Shop oldies, the oldest I think:)

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